Ten Little Pindians (Enamel Pin Selection)

Dear Insane Children, 

We have TEN PINS designed by Jen to choose from. 

We need FOUR for the Main Set. And we need ONE for the Patreon Exclusive.

 And then there were nine. We need to kill off a couple of pindians!  

To help with the selection process I’ve created a survey where you can:

  • Rate Each Pin
  • Select A Favorite Pin
  • Murder A Pin

Hit THIS LINK to input your ratings and do your killing!

Things To Keep In Mind

We’re aiming to create a set of high-quality enamel pins with a minimal range of color or just black/silver. The theme of the set is “secret society” with a hint of dark magic. You know the stuff. Like this…

These will be offered initially as a Patreon Exclusive… probably at the $35 Tier. 

We’re working with Backerkit to create a Group-buy Page to automate your selection process and get rid of the need for Tier shifting and all that confusing nonsense. More on this soon.

Expect these to be made available here on Patreon in January or February. We want to skip the Christmas rush and we need to give Backerkit time to get everything in place. 

There will be a backing card for the 4-Pin Set. We need to design graphics for that. I’m wondering if we might also make foldable so you can create an origami pin holder? 

Don’t know yet if the Exclusive Pin needs a backing card. Thoughts?

The Patreon Exclusive Pin will come with a Locking Back – per your request!

We’ll keep the survey open for a while. And I might promote it outside of Patreon if we don’t get enough input to be useful. So… go be useful! 

What else? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

From Shanghai With Dark Magic,


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