Very Pintresting !!

Dear Insane Children  

Font Lord here, taking some time from walking the grounds of Font Manor to give you all a little update on the current results of the enamel pin survey.  

From almost 400 votes cast in total, we have…
By a country mile, option D is the most unpopular.  
Seriously, we had to go and check that we’d set up the survey correctly it was THAT far behind everything else.   Poor guy   🙁

Then surprising absolutely no one at all.  We find that A is way out in front with an almost 90% approval rating.
And G, H and E following closely behind.

But also G and H are leading the race in terms of what should be the special pin as well, meaning that one of our mid-tier-popularity pins such as J and I will likely be one of the ‘standard 4’.

We also thought we’d open the poll to the public too.
(don’t worry, it’s a duplicate survey, not the same one you’re voting on).
We’re curious to see if public opinion lines up with Patron opinion, and honestly, we also just wanted to see if D was REALLY that bad in everyone’s eyes   😀

Now please excuse me, I need to go throw bottles of my pee and poop at ghosts while I try and deliver some post-apocalyptic parcels!

– Cheers

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