Enamel Pin Update + Monthly Drawings

Dear Insane Children, 

American here from The Future in Shanghai. It’s Thursday here and I’ve managed to get a TON of work done on Pirate Jam planning. Yarg! Updated the Planning Documents, made some improvements to our Participant Agreement, and worked out a roughly accurate route for the 2020 adventure. Blimey! 

If you’re interested in learning more about Pirate Jam or attending future events – there is a WEBSITE for that. Head on over, matey!

Now Back to The Asylum

No rest for the insane. Here are some updates on our progress with the Enamel Pin Collection

The gallery (above) contains the WIP concept art for the Backing Cards. There are two cards (total of 4 sides) – one card for the “regular” 4-Pin set. One card for the Patreon Special “Rutledge Asylum” Pin. 

We’re aiming to run a promotion here on Patreon in February of 2020 – meaning that’s the month in which you’ll need to DO THE THING in order to get the 4-Pin Set plus the 1-Pin Rutledge Set. Expect to see a bit of marketing and promotion for that event over the coming weeks.

We expect to make this promotion available at $35. But we’re working with Backerkit on a system that should make it possible for you to grab the set without any need for Tier selection or adjustment. In other words, if you’re at $5 then you’d stay there, go over to the Backerkit page, add $30 to reach the required amount, provide your shipping details, and… you’re done! 

More info on that system and how it will work – coming soon!

Enamel Pin samples (photos) will be shared in a few weeks (they are now in production). 

Last thing to note is that we’re not calling the Rutledge Pin “Exclusive” because we’d like to use it for future promotion, prizes, etc. Don’t expect to see it for sale on Mysterious but don’t be surprised if you see us giving that pin away during a YouTube Livestream or with a… 

Patreon Monthly Giveaway

I noticed a couple of the other Patreon channels I follow do a Monthly Drawing to give away prizes to their Patrons. Hey, why aren’t we doing that too?!

Well, now we are! Starting January 2020 on the 5th of each month we’ll randomly select 5 lucky Insane Children to receive a prize. To start with I’m thinking we’ll offer the Rutledge Enamel Pin. If you don’t want another pin then an Art Print of your choice. Or something like that. 

Let me know what you think of the idea – and share your thoughts on how we might make it work best! 

Shipping Update

For those of you poking Font Lord for updates on your Art Print shipping… It’s MY FAULT! I need to sit down, sign stuff, and ship it out. There are about 50 more Art Prints in the system from previous months which I’ll tackle as soon as I hit POST on this update. And we’ll then tackle the 200+ other prints in the pipeline over the next couple of days. 

I apologize for the delay… but I am the weak link in the system. If I wasn’t signing every print then we could automate the process and just ship straight from the printers to the logistics company to you. As it is, every print takes a detour to my studio where it waits for a signature before being sent on its way. Busy, busy!

Anyway… enough babble. Time to sign things! 

From Shanghai with Insane Love, 


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