The Dodo Has Landed

Dear Insane Children, 

Ahoy from Shanghai! Captain American back on land after a week of travel, sailing, and location scouting in Thailand. LOTS to catch up on! And I missed you all so much! 

Oh… I did try on a couple of occasions to write an update from Thailand but was thwarted by unstable and slow Internet connections. Such is life at sea! Arg, matey! Back in Shanghai, I’ve been informed that our Internet connection is now “5G” … really? Anyway, it’s certainly faster than what I’ve had for the last week!

So… What’s going on… 

Pirate Jam 2020

Location scouting was successful. I found a number of great places we’ll add to this year’s Pirate Jam route. Islands and beaches where our pirates can explore secret caves, snorkel around coral reefs, and witness the nightly flight of giant fruit bat colonies. Oh… and enjoy some spectacular sunsets!

Want to join us? Well, you still have a chance! 

Starting at 8PM Hong Kong Time on January 10th, 2020 we’ll host a 48-hour Online Game Jam at where you could win the Grand Prize… an (almost-all) expenses paid trip to Thailand to join the Pirate Jam fleet! Arg, matey!

Check out all the details over on the Pirate Jam Pre-Jam Skirmish Page at

Plus, we’re awarding 50 Silver Doubloons as Runner Up Prizes. Shiver me timbers! These things are MASSIVE!

Enamel Pins are DONE

The factory just emailed us to say the Enamel Pins Sets are DONE. Yay!

They even used a handy Potato to take some Craptastic(TM) pictures on random weird backgrounds… Ok, factory. But… Why the dirty blue tower behind the one but not behind the other? And whose finger is … that… What? Why?!

Anyway, we’ll take some proper photos once we have samples in hand. Soon!

And we’ll make these a Patreon Goal for February 2020. Stay tuned for details on how exactly it’s going to work – and whether or not we can employ some Backerkit Magic to reduce the number of hoops you have to jump through in terms of adjusting Tiers and Pledges and whatnot. 

Back to the Snow Globe

But what of Wonderland? Fret not Inmates! TONS of progress was made on Asylum in my absence. 

Joey sent along a variation on the Snow Globe concept where we start to see all of Wonderland captured within…

And Norm’s been busy on some freakish new creatures for Hatter’s Domain…

And Dario further illustrates the exploded details of that domain’s buildings and locations… 

And Omri brainstorms on Modes of Transport in Wonderland with the Dodo (Train?) (above) and the Hall of Doors (fast travel mechanic)… 

And Omri went back and added a bit of detail to some illustrations from Queen’s Domain…


I’ve only scratched the surface here… We’ve got a ton more images and concepts to look at. I’ll post those soon – but we also need to have another Live Stream so we can review everything as a group… And guess what? 

Hit THIS LINK to head over to YouTube and set a reminder to join us!

It’s at an odd time. Because I just landed back in Shanghai late last night (Wednesday) and didn’t have the energy or time to make it work this morning. And I am flying AGAIN next week on Thursday – so we have to do it earlier in the week. 

So Sunday-Sunday-Sunday! Monster Dodo Rally! Live on YouTube! Don’t Miss It! Arrrg!

That’s it for now. I’ll post more images and design thoughts – plus share with you some Design Bible concepts from Alex – in the next update. Soon! 

From Shanghai with Dodos, 


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