Eeking into Year of the Rat

Dear Insane Children, 

HELLO! Long-time no see! I’ve been away from a proper internet connection for a while now. Kinda lost track of time as we sailed between various islands here in Thailand. We’ve been blessed with calm seas, nice winds, and beautiful blue skies. Certainly a better situation than what’s going on back in Shanghai where they’re dealing with dark and cold weather… plus a scary new flu virus. Glad to be away from that! 

Meanwhile, our Asylum team continues their work on various aspects of design and art. Omri sent along a report on everyone’s progress. 

Dario’s work, i asked him to design the “Laboratory + Observatory (second floor)” we talked about what to expect there and gave him a direction. he made 3 versions of the locations and i thought that they all looked amazing BUT Mashed together, so he merged them up into one! hence the finished image (got it today). if you’ll look closely you can see the individual areas in the larger image.

Tragedy print- it wasn’t shown on Patreon the final version, attached.

(AJM: I pasted this above as the main image)

Alchemy symbols, fire and symmetrical shapes are infused in the image, also the house on a zoom-in

Norman’s more animals (now we will go towards the dormouse and hare) two animals that were not shown

All the animals in game are NOT killable, we don’t kill animals, they show the world.

Plague doctor crows, i think they can be great.

Royal Forest-  Again! you need to show the Two images.
If the hatter’s domain is so LSDed up it’s probably impossible to physically get there through Queensland unless you go by foot step by step. Mercury made everyone go insane, which will explain the insane characters you meet and see along the way.

I think that the entrance can be hidden in the Royal forest as a “mercury mine”, i took inspiration from Joey’s image (attached). i think Alice can be dumped there and this whole ordeal at Queensland, getting there can be a Dream-like sequence with slow motion and odd.
we talked about it and this is what i had in mind, i think it’s easier to give feedback after seeing the art.

Thank you, Omri! Great stuff! And more where that came from. 

Also, a reminder that we have a pretty HUGE conversation happening right now with a company that is interested in funding and publishing Alice: Asylum. And we should see more progress on that front in February. Keep your fingers crossed!

While I am out here bobbing around in the ocean I’m also putting some effort into thoughts and notes on narrative and design for the game. Time away from all the distractions of modern life can be great for this and I am thankful for that. Yay!

Only a few days until Chinese New Year and the start of The Year of the Rat! Hope all you rats have your red underwear ready 😉 

From Ko Lipe with Love, 


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