The Lucky 5 (February)

Dear Insane Children

Phew… almost forgot to do this with all that’s been going on.

As you might know, each month we’re going to use a random number generator and pick 5 patrons to send some goodies out to.
Wheeee !!!

This month, The Lucky 5 will each be getting an Omega Necklace, but please bear in mind the shipping delays due to that pesky Coronavirus, so the winners are likely not to see the prizes for at least another month or 2   🙁

Ok, here we go…. *opens Google RNG*

* Stephanie Brejla
* Samantha Gebbie
* Erin Flores
* Nina Rief
* Allison Meraz

Huge congratulations and look forwards to getting your goodies…soon….ish….

Like last month, we can’t have a post with no pics in, so have another Lulu from my collection  😉

– Cheers

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