Lettermans, Pins and Rage

Dear Insane Children

Font Lord here again with a few little bits and pieces you might be interested in.
(Don’t worry, Pirate Jam is wrapping up now and normal service will resume with American writing all the posts very soon  🙂

Firstly, I noticed that one of our manufacturer people sent out an email recently and they had started doing Letterman style jackets, and with Spring/Autumn now coming up depending on which hemisphere you’re in, maybe this is the time to add something like this to Mysterious?

So, the awesome Jennifer D’aww whipped up a bunch of ideas, and here they are.
What do you think.  Insane Children please sound off and take the poll and that’ll give us an idea of if we should pop any into the shop and/or expand on the design   🙂
Also feel free to write in the comments if you have any thoughts and ideas.

And what might look good on a jacket?
How about some Enamel Pins?    😀
(Nice segue)

I’m sure a lot of you saw our last post about this, but if you didn’t here’s a link to it, and we just wanted to remind you that THIS IS THE MONTH !!
You can read all the details in that linked post, it’s very thorough, but basically, you don’t even have to change your tier anymore if you don’t want to. You can make up the difference on Backerkit in April.   🙂
Still, feel free to post that link/pics on your social channels and such if you think you might also know someone who’d love them.

And to round things off, here’s the final version of the image you may have seen in an earlier unfinished state by Omri Koresh, called How Fine You Look When Dressed In Rage. Which I think I might just refer to as Dressed in Rage from now on   🙂
I’m fairly certain this will end up being one of our monthly prints in the future and may be responsible for the printing shop we use running out of red ink that month.

Amazing, I think you’ll agree.

Well, that’ll just about do it from me.

Hope you’re all doing well, staying safe and washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds.

– Cheers

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