Twitch Stream Incoming!

Dear Insane Children, 

Alright! I think we have everything set up, tested, and ready to go with Twitch. 

We are scheduled for tomorrow morning (Shanghai time). Here’s the time info: 

And my Twitch Channel can be found HERE

I’m too new to Twitch to know if there’s any sort of Schedule Notification… but I think that if you subscribe to my channel you will receive a notification when I go live. So… give that a try? 

And if you know a thing or two about Twitch (more than I do, for sure!) then please join and provide some feedback on this first stream. 

I’m nervous! 


Omri produced a re-make of one of our more popular prints, Sunflowers. Joey did the original version of this for the Otherlands project. (Technically, Van Gogh did the original version of this). This print will probably be added to our art collection. Should it be a Patreon reward? I don’t know! 

Speaking of Patreon and Art Prints – I will work with Font Lord to create another one of those monthly Art Print Guides… and fill that in as best as we’re able. So you can see what’s come before and what’s coming up. 

Lucky is TOO COOL for this world. Sorry… just had to share. Yan bought him little sunglasses and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. 

Ok, will share all the latest art, design, story stuff on the Twitch stream tomorrow. See you there!

From Shanghai with a Twitch, 


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