YouTube Party is OVER – Prepare to Twitch!

Dear Insane Children, 

After several frustrating days and multiple Truly Dumb(tm) interactions with YouTube support, I’ve decided to throw in the towel. YouTube Studio is so broken that it won’t schedule an upcoming live stream properly. Kinda looks like this… 

See the date mismatch? Yeah, well that’s what makes it impossible for me to know what time I’m actually scheduling for – and what time zone is that? Why are the dates different? Why can’t YouTube Support see that this is a problem we can’t fix by “rebooting, updating to the latest Chrome, and trying a different encoder.” FFS, YouTube! 

And, no, I can’t test/edit the time/date after the fact because that interface in YouTube Studio Live Room looks like this: 

Note the lack of “cancel” and “confirm” buttons at the bottom of that UI panel. Yeah.


Tomorrow’s YouTube Live Stream is CANCELED.

I am moving to Twitch! 

Here’s the new home: 

Am I supposed to ask you to follow me over there? Subscribe? Hit Like? SMASH A FRIKKEN BUTTON!?!? I have no idea! Just DO THE THING! 

And please allow me a few more days to finish getting everything set up over there. 

I had hoped to get it done today but Yan’s mom went back to their hometown after many months stuck in Shanghai. And I am at home alone taking care of Lucky… Need more time!

In Closing

YouTube sucks. 

We’re moving to twitch:  


I’ll announce a time/date for a Twitch stream soon. 

Lucky says “thptptptpptpt” (I taught him how to do that. Yay!)

PS: Enjoy a beautiful wallpaper (top image) from Dario. For Hatter’s Domain. Here are his social media accounts if you’d like to follow him and check out his other work: 

@marza_illustrations on Twitter

REALLY happy to have him creating illustrations for Asylum. Amazing stuff!

From Not YouTube,


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