Live Stream = Dead Stream

Dear Insane Children, 

Martin and I seem to have worked out the dark voodoo of Zoom + YouTube + Defeating The Great Firewall and are ready to bring you a Live Stream. 

BUT as I have mentioned previously once or twice: YOUTUBE SUCKS

They got rid of the Classic (functional) interface and replaced it with a New (non-functional) interface which no one asked for! What does that mean for us? Well, I can’t schedule a live stream for any day in the future because… 

I put in 4/4 as the date… but the TIME selection is stuck on 4/2. And, no, there’s no amount of scrolling that moves the time/date forward to 4/4. It just loops back around to the start of 4/2. 

In short, it’s shite. 

I don’t even know what’s going to happen with it now… 

Anyway, I hate YouTube. 

Here’s THE LINK if you want to try to set a reminder. 

The idea is to stream at 10AM on April 4th (Hong Kong Time) which is April 3rd at 7PM PDT. No idea if it’s going to work. Probably not. 

Did I mention that I hate YouTube? 

From Shanghai with Grrr,


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