Backgrounds and Eyebrows

Dear Insane Children, 

Let’s start today’s post with A GIFT.

These days, lots of us are using technology like Zoom to connect with work, school, friends and family. And I noticed a number of artists sharing backgrounds for use with video conferencing programs. So I thought, “Hey! We could make and share some too!” 

Behold!  Inspired by the world of “Alice,” a collection of background images crafted by Omri. 


Eyebrows and Eyelashes

The team is busy at work defining some of the key aspects of Alice’s design for Asylum. We have explored this topic in the past but never with the goal of settling on a final model for our main character. Here’s some of the work Omri’s done lately…

We talked in detail about the topic of defining Alice’s shape, ratios, face, and other design elements during last week’s Live Stream on Twitch. 

If you missed it live on Twitch then you can watch the backup on YouTube via THIS LINK.

The part where we discuss defining Alice’s features starts around 55 minutes. 

Feel free to provide feedback on what’s presented here in the comments below. But keep in mind that this is Not Final – and that Joey will start work on her presentation for this in the coming days. 

It’s Always Monday

Alex has been working to transition our team management tool over to a site called Monday.

This offers a much clearer structure for task assignment and tracking vs. what we were using previously (Trello). You can see here the tasks assigned to me (American!) for writing. 

I expect we’ll start to see lots of good progress being made once the team is fully transitioned to this new system.

This Week

It’s an Off Week for Live Streaming… so don’t expect a scheduled event. Though I might jump on Twitch to stream some of the new DOOM: Eternal. Been hearing great things about that game. And I need to continue building up my Twitch presence so we can unlock various features. 

If you want to receive notification for when I go live on Twitch, then subscribe (or follow?) to me via THIS LINK

From Shanghai with Eyebrows,


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