BK Reminder Apology

Dear Insane Children

Font Lord here with an apology.

It has come to my attention that Backerkit has repeatedly been sending reminder emails out about the Enamel Pins.

I actually planned ahead and asked them specifically head off this problem by deactivating the ‘reminder email’ system a few weeks ago.
After all, I didn’t want to keep poking the people who didn’t want the pins.

But it seems that for some reason (technical or otherwise) this deactivation didn’t happen and mails have been sent out several times.

Sorry about that, it was not our intention to annoy you with emails    🙁
I have now contacted Backerkit and told them to sort their nonsense out.
Hopefully they can do this soon even though there’s the Labor Day holidays now.

Please accept this Lulu as an apology.

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