Humming and Hawing

Dear Insane Children,

What do you do when you’ve run out of things to do? Hum a tune? Whistle a diddy? Twiddle your thumbs? I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last time I even had a chance to practice whatever-it-is-I-do… Between being a daddy, running a company, working on a variety of projects, and… oh, yeah, overseeing an Asylum of Insane Children… I hardly have two seconds to rub together! 

Same goes for our ward of insane artists – all of whom are busy knocking down tasks inside Monday – the project management software Alex is using to kick our butts into collective organization. 

Norm and Joey are working through the animation/move library (see gallery of images above). 

Omri and Dario are working on aspects of the game intro from Slumber to Denial and then heading to The Queen’s Domain. A lot of the work for these areas has already been done. So the main focus right now is on filling in those major elements that still need to be finished. Then the whole team will continue forward into areas of the game where we’ve not yet started to explore and work. 

The goal with all of this is to have a Design Bible finished by the end of 2020. And to then use that Design Bible (along with the license from EA – still working to secure that!) to attract the money we need to build a new game. I’ve got news on all of this and things are looking good… but as usual, it’s all stuff which I can’t yet share. Frustrating! 

Anyway, it’s one foot in front of the other. Get the Design Bible done and by that time I think there will be more to reveal. Fingers crossed!

Live Stream This Week

We will have a live stream (on Twitch) this week at the usual time (Thursday morning, 10AM Hong Kong Time). I’ll set up a scheduled stream time for that and send out a full notice tomorrow. 

How Are You Doing?

Hope everyone is doing alright these days… 

Wherever you are does it seem the situation is improving? If there was a lockdown… is it ending? Are you able to get outside? Go to work? 

Curious what it’s like for everyone out there. 

Here in Shanghai… it really feels like things are back to Business As Usual (with a number of important caveats). Still tons of people wearing masks at all times – even when driving. Though it seems lots more people are becoming lax about wearing them all the time. Lots of smaller businesses still closed – perhaps permanently – but almost all of the larger restaurants, cafes, stores, etc – are all open for business. Traffic on the roads seems to be back to pre-pandemic levels. Dunno… are we heading back to normal? 

Look forward to hearing how you are in the comments below. 

From Shanghai with Sunshine,


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