Enter The Moon Through His Mouth

Dear Insane Children, 

I’m surprised that no one (not our Insane Children nor our artists) has pointed out the odd fact that our Moon is a man. But as I was going through the design notes and illustrations being created by the team this morning I realized that the wrongness of this is a good thing. Why? 

Well, this moon is manufactured. Dare I say… man-ufactured? Har. Puns. I kill me. 

Anyway, it’s a mechanical construction of Hatter Industries. And we presume its lead architect/designer to be Hatter himself. And Hatter never struck me as particularly feminine. Nor have any of his creations ever looked like anything other than big, clunky, masses of nuts, bolts, pipes, and gears… massively masculine. 

So it makes sense that if he were tasked to “build the moon” – he’d get the gender of the thing wrong. Hence our Male Moon. 

What’s good about this is that it should be an immediate sign to anyone paying attention – and who isn’t reading all these spoilers – that The Moon is not all he seems.

While Omri is sketching The Moon (main image, above), Dario is working on Alice’s method of flying to The Moon… in the form of a hot air balloon. She finds this balloon while trying to escape The Circus and cuts it free from its earthly tethers using her Vorpal Blade. 

Once inside The Moon she’ll fight her way to the Control Room (pictured above – thanks, Dario!) and steer her way towards The Queen’s Castle. 

A number of interesting design topics flowing from what’s presented here. 

Let us know your feedback and questions in the comment below. 

We’ll address those during the Live Stream tomorrow on Twitch. 


Remember that if you miss the Live Stream on Twitch – don’t cry! 

We’ll record the whole thing and post it to my YouTube Channel so you can watch it later at your convenience. 

From Shanghai with Hot Air,


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