Piggy Bombs and Twitch Streams

Dear Insane Children, 

In case you missed yesterday’s Live Stream over on Twitch, here’s a LINK to the recorded stream on YouTube.

You’ll note that it starts about 40 minutes into the already running Twitch stream because someone (ahem, me) forgot to press RECORD at the start of the stream. Oops. Anyway, you didn’t miss much! 

During this stream we did cover a lot of your feedback and comments as well as review lots of new art and design. 

Including a lot of fun “filler” art from Joey. Speaking of… I really want a doll-part candle holder. Seems like something we should have in the Mysterious Shop. 

Heading into the weekend here… expect more art, design, and story updates next week. Yay!

From Shanghai with Love, 


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