Humpty Dumpty and The Sky Pirates

Dear Insane Children, 

We had a lot of fun on the livestream over on Twitch yesterday. In case you missed it, the recording is now up on YouTube. And you can watch it via THIS LINK

During the stream, we talked a bit about the Circus/Denial Realm and Alice’s escape using a balloon to hijack The Moon. (Only in Wonderland would that sentence make any sense). 

And I must have missed this concept from Omri (image above) before we went live… He says:  

I thought that someone needs to ship the thing and i thought that if Humpty was there already and it’s His ride, it’s not over the top, it’s just glamorizing himself.

( i would like a ride that will bear my face and show how cool i am.)

we didn’t have him talk in either games, he was always a prop.

Also can be fun to see him Whole and at the end break and looking more like the one we met it AMA. alice never shipped things, she more traveled with people towards places, so she needs a co-pilot IMO.

And when I finally got around to seeing his idea and the concept image (after the live stream), I replied: 

I like the idea of the Balloon being own/operated by Humpty. And that it’s stylized a bit as his (shape, color, etc). Having him as the pilot is great. And he can drive the balloon while Alice fights off enemies. Keep in mind that these early balloons were often tethered to the earth – they didn’t want them just floating away free because they were scared of what dangers might lurk in the sky. All of this is good metaphor for escape – there’s a balloon, it can be used to escape, but it’s going beyond its design/purpose to be cut free. This will be Humpty’s first attempt at piloting it anywhere except up/down.  

It’s a nice solution that should make everyone happy. We get our balloon. We get Humpty Dumpty. And Alice gets a co-pilot. 

What do you think? 

Mechmoon 2042 Enters The Fight!

Alex sent along this sketch inspired by our chat during the livestream. And said… 

Hi guys, just dropping this in the pot for consideration after watching the live stream today.
Designed to be friendly one way, and sinister another with minimal transformation.

I’ve also had a play with mechanics on the Moon and an automaton form concept exploration.
It’s dumb.

Seems a bit nuts, but also might be something that ties in with the Hatter being nuts.

Moon Searchlights, and pilots in the eyes in the final form.
Some linear notes are also on the sketches.

To which I replied… 

It’s a fun idea… but… I prefer that the design of The Moon would be completely reliant on and/or built around the notion that the Lullaby Luller (weapon) is all this vehicle needs by way of Super Weapons. To add more stuff – a transformer-like conversion into a spinning-blade, attack helicopter thing… which is it? A stealthy and extremely effective device for transporting Alice back to Denial? Or a multi-tasking attack helicopter? 

Let’s stick with it being a single-purpose and purpose built device.  

What do you think? Should our Moon transform into an attack helicopter? 

We look forward to your thoughts in the comments below! 

PS: I have a phone call with our Corporate Overlords (they shall not be named)… and high hopes that we might see some forward progress. Cross your fingers! 

From Shanghai in the Summer Rains,

-American (and Lulu)

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