Rage and Trust

Dear Insane Children

Font Lord here with a couple of items for you.

Firstly, I just wanted to mention the next print (for Patrons charged in August).
This time it really is How Fine You Look When Dressed In Rage. By Omri Koresh.
So if you like the look of this print, please make sure you’re at the $75 tier before August rolls around.
And yes, it will of course be added to the 3x$35 tier choice list too   🙂

Secondly, we wanted to put the call out for people to give us Trust Pilot reviews.
Trust Pilot is a site where people can go and check up on the trustworthiness of websites before they decide to spend their hard earned cash there.

We recently opened up our Mysterious shop to receiving user reviews from people who bought our things.
However perhaps doing this during “Covid Shipping Chaos” wasn’t the 100% best idea, as there are some (rightly) frustrated people giving us 1 star reviews for things that are completely beyond our control and even before they’ve contacted our support to see if we can help   🙁

TO BE CLEAR, we are not asking you to go and bump us up with fake 5 star reviews.
We would just like it if people went over and were honest about the experience they’ve had when purchasing from Mysterious and the contact they had with us/support and also the items you received.
If you think we’re 5 star, then great, if you think we’re less, then that’s fine too!
Thanks in advance   🙂

And that’ll do it from me.
I hope you’re all staying safe and doing well.

– Cheers

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