Double the prints, double the fun!

Dear Insane Children,

Font Lord here with an exciting bit of news for you all.
You may have seen on our ‘monthly art print schedule calendar’ that the next print was undecided and there was a big ole question mark next to it.

Well, as you have no doubt figured out from the big pic at the top of this post, the next print we’re doing is what has affectionately become known as Escher Alice.

So, this print is for all those charged in September at the $75 level and above and it will also become a choice for those who get to choose their print at the 3x$35 level too. 

But we’re also going to throw in a little extra for those at the $75 level and above (charged in September) you will get this print AND we’re going to also throw a random print into your poster tube too. WOW !!
I know, right? A two-for-one offer you would be literally insane to miss out on!

The extra print could be anything from this list and indeed we might even choose to pop a print in from our Out of the Woods collection too. Such is the nature of randomness.

And now, a word from American…

Some of you have noticed that we removed a large selection of art prints and other products from the Mysterious Shop a few weeks ago. This was in response to biz dev conversations around “Alice.” Those conversations are ongoing – and new conversations were recently spawned along similar lines – but our offering what appears to be “official” merch was causing some confusion so… 

A couple of changes: We’re adjusting the way we present art. No more “Alice: Asylum” logos on these art prints. And no more linking things we create (Kittens, etc) to any yet-to-be-released games. 

I’ve said before, there’s a fine line between original work, public domain, inspired by, fan art, and the legalities that revolve around these topics. We want to make sure we’re staying on the right side of that line.

That means art prints will return to the Mysterious Shop – but without logos. The same goes for future art prints offered here on Patreon – no logos. And that means we have a pile of logo-having art that we need to clear off the shelves. 

Hence the 2-for-1 art print situation. 

Before any of you get Hair-on-Fire let me say: I’ve said before but it’s worth repeating… if ever we hit an actual iceberg and it seems the “Alice” ship is sinking, you’ll be the first to know. This is not one of those situations. 

This is a situation in which nearly a year was spent chasing down a path towards potential funding and publishing… only to have that chase end abruptly. But we’re back on the path we were on … the one I actually prefer to be on … and should expect to see progress now that’s the case – and now that we have someone taking the lead on securing funding. 

I really wish I could explain all of this in direct terms. It’s not that complicated. But it sounds like it when I have to dance around the actors and events like this. Sigh.

Anyway, it’s all good. Free art prints. Stuff coming back to Mysterious. And progress still being made with no icebergs in sight. 

Now back to Font Lord… 

Well, that’s about it from me too actually.
So, I’ll say bye now from a particularly hot and sweaty Shanghai   🙂

– Cheers

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