The Lucky 5 (Aug)

Dear Insane Children

Yes, it’s time for The Lucky 5 again.  

You know what this is by now, we use a random number generator to pick 5 people from our Patreon (and also YouTube comments to keep us above board and legal) to win some stuff each month. 

As you can no doubt see from the pic at the top of this post, and the one below this paragraph, this month’s prize is the Heart of Darkness tapestry and jewelry set. WOW! 

If you like the look of these set and your name isn’t called out below though, fret not, it’s still available at Mysterious for the rest of August. Yay!
Right HERE. 

So, the winners this month are…

* Laban Boldero
* KrazyELF     
* Tim Stengler
* Jamilah Hassan
* Boef Molina

Congrats to you 5 and look forwards to getting your Heart of Darkness set soon   🙂

While I’m here, I’ll also give you a quick reminder that this week is live-stream week over on Twitch. So why not join us over there for more fun and games and chat and PRIZES!
There’s a countdown timer if you scroll down on the chat page so you can see exactly when we’ll be live.
But it’s basically 10am Hong Kong time on Thursday the 13th.
Hope to see you there.

And of course, what Lucky 5 post would be complete without a Lulu?

– Cheers

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