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Dear Insane Children, 

We have LOTS of updates across all of our projects. That means we’re going to have TONS to talk about during the Live Stream this week. Before you read any further, head over to Twitch and Subscribe to my Channel. You can do that here: 

We’ll kick things off at the usual time – 10AM on Thursday (Hong Kongpeople living in a communist-socialist country protesting for more capitalist democracy – Time) which is 7PM PDT (Seattlepeople living in a  capitalist democracy protesting for more communist-socialism – Time). Anyway, just put down the Molotov cocktails and spray paint for a few hours while we discuss video games and plush toys!

Speaking of plush toys…

How are you going to explain this to your friends? 

And. This? (Btw, I think we just came up with a name for this guy over on Twitter… “Wearwolf Pig” Ha!). 

Again, the whole point of Plushie Dreadfuls is to have your friends say, “What the hell is wrong with your toy?” and then you know to get some new friends who don’t question your weird-ass toys. 

Then there’s the stuff going on over in… 

The Chess Realm

Where Omri and the team continue to explore the themes and colors we’ll find in that part of Wonderland. 

Of these color explorations Omri says: 

Attaching 3 images. and everything else i got. red black and white, to show you guys the use of color in this realm. we can replicate areas again and again. remember that with the Escher geometry we can turn around a pole and see another room? this can also be used for it.

Black white red, doesn’t mean grayscale or flat, it means just that the materials will be in those colors. so tall buildings, sky etc. stuff is defined for this realm, the general look is on lock.

And then… over in the world of… 

Wizard of Oz

We continue to explore various ideas for the remaking of Dorothy. Omri sent along this variation on Dorothy and asked for feedback from the Insane Children. 

I suggested that in today’s world of hyper-political-correctness that we’d likely find ourselves burned to the ground by a bunch of people on Twitter for daring to create a black character without ourselves being black. At least that’s the way I read the current mood… am I wrong? 

Being so far away from the social-political maelstrom that seems to be consuming the US, I have no idea of how Twitter outrage translates into real-world negative consequences. So let me know in the comments below… 

And then…

Alice 3D Model 

We’re seeing further updates from Roman on the Alice 3D model. He’s got the beginnings of her dress taking shape. And he’s sent me some phone-potato-footage of a video where this dress is textured, blowing in the wind, and looking pretty awesome. Hoping we will have an actual video file of that to review during this week’s live stream. 


I can hint mysteriously at the fact that even though many of the people we deal with on the business development side of things are on vacation these days, I am still getting “heartbeat” messages from a number of places – verifying that talks will resume and progress will be made once everyone gets back to work in September. So that’s good stuff. 

As I said, LOTS of stuff to talk about during the live stream this week. Some of it may even get me canceled. Yay! So, share your feedback and thoughts in the comments below. I’ll beat Font Lord with a stick to ensure he prints out that stuff for reading during the stream. And we’ll see you over on Twitch soon! 

From Shanghai with Wearwolf Pigs, 


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