Art Calendar – Crowd Design

Dear Insane Children, 

We have the First Draft sample layout of the Asylum Art Calendar from Alex. It’s looking good!  

A couple of questions for YOU to answer in Crowd Design: 

1. Do you want us to include highlights on dates related to holidays, etc? This is a bit of a problem question for us since not all of our Insane Children share the same holidays. It’s true that the majority (70%) of our Insane Children are in the USA but we don’t want to force “Freedom Ain’t Free Day” on everyone else, so…

1(a)… an idea I had just now… maybe we include highlights on dates that are important to our Alice? Birthday, The Fire, Asylum Day, 1st Game Start, 2nd Game Start, and some other important dates from the Case Book? 

2. What do you think about Moon Phases being included? This is pretty universal and it links to our passion for alchemy. So I think this one is interesting and relevant. What do you think? 

3. Your reactions and suggestions for improvements to the general layout and other information currently contained on the page? 

4. In case you need a Little Light in your day today, here’s a picture of Lucky Nom-Noming some dumplings Yan made for him. Nom nom. Yum. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday (or weekend depending on where you are). 

Love from Shanghai, 

-American (and Yan, Lucky, Lulu)

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