Closer and Closer, Alicer and Alicer

Dear Insane Children, 

Over the weekend I received an update from Roman with a screenshot (main image, above) of the improvements made to the Alice 3D Model. This is after your comments and feedback were combined and relayed by Omri along with his own notes and direction. The result is, I think you’ll agree, much closer to the original character concept sketches that we began with. And less “bothersome” around some of the issues we saw in the previous iterations. 

It looks like Patreon has done some sort of garbage compression on the image posted above so I’ll try splitting it in PS and posting them individually… 

Can’t tell if that’s better or not… Anyway, you get a general idea. And I’ll pull more screenshots and some video renders from Roman … hopefully this week. 

Let us know in the Comments below what you think of this update. More betterer? Closer? 

From Shanghai with Love, 


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