Livestream Today + Winning!

Dear Insane Children, 

THANK YOU, everyone, for all of yesterday’s kind wishes. It worked! The meeting went really well and we were offered an path for pitching a new studio, securing funds, and ultimately improving the overall Alice situation by a huge amount. Thing is, much of what was discussed is within the zone of “strategic manoeuvres” and can’t be made public if the “opponent” is going to be taken by surprise. But… I will figure out a way to reveal as much as I am able in the coming days and weeks. 

For now, we have a studio pitch to build and deliver. If that gets a green light then we’ll be on our way towards a Really Good Place. 

There is a Live Stream on my Twitch Channel today at 10AM Hong Kong Time – that’s 7PM PDT.

Please join us at

We’ll answer your Questions and Feedback, give away awesome prizes, and review all the latest art, design, and BD on Alice: Asylum. 

From Shanghai with Yay, 


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