Coin Design – Beautiful Detail (and Crowd Design)

Dear Insane Children, 

Alex is an artist of many talents – for example, he’s a wizard with AI design layouts, a meticulous project manager, and an expert on the fine details of commercial printing. Each of these things requires attention to detail at a very high level – and the features of his detail-oriented brain really come into focus when he sets his (digital) pen to work on vector designs for our products and project. 

Case in point: His latest iteration on The Decision Coin (main image, above). 

For those who might have missed the previous post in which this was mentioned: 

We’re crowd designing a large format (50mm) commemorative metal Decision Coin to mark 3 years of effort towards Alice: Asylum and the passing of 2020 (good riddance!). We’ll release this in early 2021 (assuming we aren’t all wiped out by a meteor before January 1st!). 

Effing 2020. 

A Decision Coin is a coin with sides marked “YES” or “NO” (or “LIVE” or “DIE”, etc). You throw it in the air while asking a question like, “Should I drink that fourth margarita?” and then base your actions on how the coin lands. It takes all the uncertainty out of life!

Legal Notice: Not responsible for death, injury, or inebriation resulting from living your life based on the Decision Coin.

Speaking of Alex’s attention to detail, he’s pushing the technical limits of what the coin maker can do with height maps and pressing detail. That means that unlike previous coin designs, Alex is working to take direct control over every facet of this coin’s design and manufacture. Yay!

Speaking of previous coin designs… here’s what the last coin we did looked like: 

So let us know in the comments below what you think of all this Coin Madness!

And does anyone have suggestions for the text we insert around the border? 

From Shanghai with A Fourth Margarita, 


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