The Art of 2021

Dear Insane Children,

Font Lord here wishing you all a Happy New Year and that your first 3 days of 2021 are off to a flying start   🙂

[American also here proofreading Font Lord’s post and maybe being mean to him.]

So, down to business.
We would like you to Choose 6 of your favorite pieces of art from the images below.
Then when we see which ones are the most popular, they will become the next 6 prints for Patrons in 2021.

[Well, Martin, technically we reserve the right to change a slot if something Truly Amazing comes up – but we’ll be sure to give lots of warning beforehand if we do that. Not like that one time YOU changed the print after the start of the month and made a bunch of Insane Children angry].

(By the way, the image for those Charged in January is already chosen, it’s Holding The Moon, which you have already seen here)[. <– punctuation, Martin!]

So, please only choose 6 and then next week when most people have voted, we can make an art print calendar for Feb-July [Why abbreviate “February” but completely spell out “July,” MARTIN?] so you all know what’s coming. Yay!

[NOTE from American: There are 10 images presented but ONLY CHOOSE 6 that you like best]. 

– Cheers

[From Shanghai with Teasing Martin, American]

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