Patreon Art Print Schedule 2021 (first half)

Dear Insane Children,

Font Lord here with the final result of your choice for the next 6 art prints.

Honestly, surprised that Alice’s burning family didn’t make the cut, but hey, that’s why we’re asking you, so we can make the right decision on what to print   🙂

So, to be clear, those people who were charged in January are already getting “Holding the Moon”, but here’s what will be happening from February onwards.
And again, just to clarify, we reserve the right to change things up should we need to, and we will give plenty of notice if that happens.

Oh yeah, and some of the images might be edited slightly as they are updated/refined. 

Charged in February

Charged in March

Charged in April

Charged in May

Charged in June

Charged in July

Some incredible Art Prints coming up, I think you’ll agree.

– Cheers

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