Hysteria Rabbit $75 Tier Update

Dear Insane Children,

Font Lord here again   🙂

Letting you all now know that the Chaos Necklace reward is gone and has been replaced with the Hysteria Rabbit + Tote Bag.
Wheeee !!

This will affect everyone at the $75 tier and above charged from Feb 1st onwards.

Another amazing thing about this tier update is that if you have already got your Chaos Necklace reward from being at the $75 tier previously, you will STLL get the Rabbit + Bag reward if you pledge $75 again.

And just to clarify, this is not just a February goal, this is an ongoing and permanent thing at the $75 tier.
So you can change your tier to $75 now if you want, or just do it another month in the future, whatever is good for you.

By the way, this is February’s print, so it actually seems a pretty great month to do that particular tier   🙂

We also want to remind you that this is a timed Patreon exclusive.

At some point in 2021, the Hysteria Rabbit + Bag will be on sale in the Mysterious store, but that will not be for several months at least.
So getting it as a Patreon reward is currently the only way to get the Hysteria Rabbit.

PLEASE MAKE SURE your address is up-to-date and accurate on your Patreon profile, as we will NOT be fulfilling these through Backerkit.

Any questions, pop them into the comments and I’ll see if I missed anything   🙂

– Cheers

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