Three Demonic Pigs

Dear Insane Children,

I’ve just finished a review and feedback session on all the art and design content that was delivered during “The Time of The Move” and… Wow! 

Of this illustration by Norm, Omri says… 

i think we ought to add some weapons and i’m thinking like babies holding weapons, perhaps crawling or on all fours. Like toddlers and perhaps pepper mills or something that fits the concept

To which I replied… 

AMAZING, @normanfelchle

@Omri a milk bottle, rattle (sonic weapon), a dirty diaper, a sonic weapon cry/scream (baby screaming mixed with pig screaming), toxic farts, … just a few of the things I could imagine as weapons for this little guy. On a more surreal side – might be fun to let him fly?

Let us know in the comments below what ideas you have about the sorts of Weapons and Actions this little monster might employ. 

Remember, this enemy is a companion-creature of The Duchess. And we’ll find them sprinkled around The Vale of Tears and protecting The Duchess’ Manor. 

Move Update

Still unpacking and organizing things around the new house. Our warehouse area has expanded by more than double. That’s nice because it means we’re no longer packing art prints and stuff in our living room! But it’s un-nice because it means lots (and lots) of warehouse-related stuff we have to unpack, organize, and build new infrastructure around. And if we continue at this rate… by the end of 2021 we’ll be looking to move all this stuff into a proper warehouse. Yikes! 

But I am also checking tasks off the Alice3/Mysterious Studios list as we go… hopefully things will be back to normal soon. 

Chinese New Year

We’re a day away from the official start of Chinese New Year. 95% of the country is already shut down and enjoying this, the largest annual celebration in the world. So we will have a few days of rest here. And if you ordered anything from Mysterious – or are waiting on posters/stuff from our Patreon rewards, expect a bit of a delay. 

Back with more art and design updates soon. 

From Shanghai with A Pig, 


(Lucky was born in The Year of the Pig – and he shoots deadly farts). 

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