The Lucky 5 (Jan21 & Feb21)

Dear Insane Children,

Font Lord here with your first “Lucky 5” of the year.

And again, due to busy stuff and office moves and all that, it’s a double month since I didn’t do January.
Sorry   😛

You know the drill by now, using Google’s RNG, 10 people from Patreon and also the last YouTube video’s comments are chosen to get some goodie sent to them, no matter where they are in the world.  
How great is that?

Let’s start off nice and simple in 2021 and the prize can be the Embroidered Patch Set 2, going to these lovely people right here…

* Matthew Sheridan
* Rebekka Sparrow
* Brian Smith
* Julian Sauer
* William A Steburg
* Patricia Monroig
* Réka Valaczkai
* Kassie Jefferson
* Chris Privon
* Christopher Ivan Carrillo Cervantes

Congrats to all you lucky people and we’ll get your patches sent out right after Chinese New Year finishes   🙂

And yes, there’s still going to be a Lulu to complete the Lucky 5 posts.

– Cheers

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