Back with A Vengeance!

Dear Insane Children, 

Rarrrr! We’re back! And with a fantastic new illustration from Joey. If you recall from a previous post, Joey was given some feedback on how to improve the Encounter with The Duchess Scene… and this is what she came up with. Wooo faceless horror! 

While the Art Team has been cranking out tons of new illustrations for the Design Bible, me and the family moved to a new house. It only took three trucks over the course of a week… but we’re now really outside the city and living near the sea. Actually, we’re the last house at the end of the road leading to the seaside of Hangzhou Bay. Literally can’t go any further (unless you want to get wet and possibly drown). 

You can look up “Fengxian District” on Google Maps if you’re interested in the local area.

Your patience during this major life adjustment is really appreciated. 

Here’s another great illustration from Adam as he works his way through the Vale of Tears section of the game. This is the section where the entire area of Wonderland is frozen in time. This is also where Alice encounters The Duchess. Absolutely lovely!

All of this great content is going into the Design Bible. And Alex sent over a suggestion for the Cover Illustration of that book. 

Let him know in the comments what you think about it… 

Ok, here in our new “Lucky House” we still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do. First up, we need to get our Warehouse/Shipping area fully functional and send out some overdue orders! 

Now we’re settled in you can expect more updates and progress on our projects. 

I’ve also got some BIG NEWS about the Oz tv-series. And I will soon be able to reveal who REDACTED 2 is (the Hollywood film/tv production company who we’ve signed on to develop/sell/produce the Oz project). 

From Shanghai with Boxes to Unpack,


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