There’s No Place Like Livestream

Dear Insane Children, 

Tomorrow is a HUGE DAY with our first Livestream from the New Studio. 

And Alex Crowley will join the stream to talk about writing, planning, and managing on Alice: Asylum – with tons of new art and design to discuss. 


Who is REDACTED 2?!?!?!? And what do they have planned for OZ: Adventures? 

For those not in the loop – Oz: Adventures is the game pitch we came up with for a Chinese Game Publisher… which was seen by a Hollywood Film/TV Production Company (Redacted 2)… which they then picked up to develop and produce as a TV Series.  

After this stream, they will be REDACTED 2 NO MORE! 

Time per usual. Consult the handy chart, above. 

As for place… We might be back on YouTube? We’ll see… but Twitch for sure: 

And if you don’t Twitch you can try: 

Spread the Word!

From Shanghai with Deafness, 


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