Oz: Adventures and Radar Pictures

Dear Insane Children, 

In case you missed the Live Stream earlier today, you can watch the recording over on Twitch or YouTube… Twitch Recording is here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/927367450 

Here’s what we announced regarding “Oz: Adventures” and the reveal of “REDACTED 2” 

“Very happy to announce: “OZ: Adventures” has been picked up for development by Radar Pictures.

Radar’s founder, Ted Field, is a prolific producer of films and music with classics like “What Dreams May Come” “Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure” (film series) “Jumanji” (film series) “Pitch Black” (film series) “The Last Samurai” and many more to his credit.

This deal means we’ll be working to develop the “OZ: Adventures” concept for production as a TV series and video game. With luck, you’ll soon turn on one of your content providers (HBO? NetFlix? Amazon?) and find “OZ: Adventures” (Game and TV show) among your entertainment options.

I’ve written this version of Oz as a sort of Running Man vs. Witches, Quadlings, and Munchkins. Characters are involuntarily pulled into Oz from all over the world and all through time. Oz is a gauntlet where survival reveals the true character of those who endure it.

Lots more info about OZ: Adventures can be found over on my Patreon. That’s where along with our Insane Children (Patrons) we originally shaped the Oz narrative and prepared the materials that led to the deal with Radar. On Patreon, you can also follow along with development updates and get involved in the creative process. Join us!

BIG THANKS to the Mysterious creative team and our Insane Children!”

Woo! Fingers crossed we can make this thing fly. We might be the first Patreon-created project to find its way to a becoming major TV series. How cool would that be? 

Oh, and REDACTED (1) asked us to meet them face-to-face mid-March to talk about the Mysterious Studios / OZ game project. And I kinda think you don’t travel 1000s of miles just to tell someone “no” … so. Cross more fingers!

Asylum Too!

We also covered the development of the Alice: Asylum Design Bible during today’s stream. And we had none other than Alex Crowley join us (via ZOOM) to discuss the work he’s doing on bringing together all the elements we’ve created for Asylum into one glorious book where you can “play” through Asylum in print. 

The Design Bible sample will be posted here on Patreon. Probably (my) tomorrow morning. 

Check out the stream… and I’ll be back tomorrow with more updates. 

Oh, and wish me luck… tomorrow morning I am jumping on our first OZ call with a major studio. Am I nervous… no. But maybe a little insane? 

With Nerves from Shanghai,


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