Alice: Asylum – Design Bible Sneak Peak

Dear Insane Children, 

Wanted to say THANK YOU for all the support and kindness in your reactions to the “OZ: Adventures” announcement we shared yesterday. It’s great to be partnered with such a respected and successful film production company as Radar Pictures… but even greater to have such a creative and engaged group of Insane Children here on Patreon. 

I kinda think we might make history with this if Oz finds a home somewhere like Apple, Netflix, or HBO… the first-ever Crowd Design -> TV Series production in the world? 

You should all be very proud of yourselves! 

What of Wonderland? 

I’ve seen a few comments from people online that Asylum will now be lost and forgotten. And if that were true, it would be sad news. But… That’s NOT TRUE! 

Our team is still working hard (and exclusively) on Alice: Asylum. And if Oz does get picked up by someone for TV production, I and the team will play a “creative advisor” role in the show. There are writers, showrunners, producers, and lots of other Hollywood People who will be in charge of the day-to-day work of bringing that show to life so… don’t worry! 

Positive Influence

It’s also important to remember the success of an Oz project helps to raise awareness about our efforts on Alice: Asylum. And I can tell you that in the last couple of days we’ve already seen that dynamic at work! There’s a NEW team of people (REDACTED 2.1?!) now working on legal/rights/biz dev stuff related to the Alice IP. 

The effort from that team is directed at getting the IP back in our hands so that work can begin on a new game, a movie/TV series, and more. 

But Wait! There’s MORE!

And as you know (if you watched the live stream yesterday), we showed off a sneak peek of the Alice: Asylum Design Bible

Check out the Attachment to this post. That’s the Design Bible Sample. 

18 Pages of Beautiful Art, Story, and Design!!!

Created by our pre-production team and put together by Alex Crowley… 

This gives you a sneak peek of the complete Design Overview we’re putting together for Asylum. This PDF/Book will be used to “WOW!” potential publishers and investors into jumping in to support this project. We hope to give the suits over at EA an “eyegasm” so big they sign all the agreements and send all the checks in a fit of ecstasy and awe!

Download and enjoy!

And if you hear anyone say, “Asylum won’t happen now,” you shove that PDF so far in their eyeballs that they poop art and design for a week. Thanks. 

Expect many more updates on this topic throughout 2021 with a final document being delivered around the end of the year. 

See? No reason to cry, Alice fans…

And don’t forget to leave your feedback and suggestions about the DB in the comments below. Like everything else we do here, this is a Crowd Design effort. So make your voice heard! Even if we don’t directly respond to your comments here, we do take everything you’re saying into account when making design/art decisions. 

PS: I usually mark these sorts of high-value-content posts as Patrons Only but with this post, I’d like to get it out to the public while people are still talking about our team and projects. Hope you don’t mind. The goal here it to raise awareness and share the fruits of our labor to help the project. Woo!

From Shanghai with Excitement, 


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