Orange and Blue, fight to the death!

Dear Insane Children,

Font Lord here with another poll for you to take part in.

As you might remember from the recent poll where I asked what art prints we should be doing this year, the next one we have lined up (for those charged in April) is the one below, the orangey floating castle.

However, with all the great new art we have rolling in, we do think about swapping out some of those choices, as we said we might.

American would actually like to adorn his walls with sakura now that Spring is right around the corner, so has suggested we swap out the orange print for the blue image with pink sakura leaves.

What do you think?

We will bow to the will of the masses and do what our Patrons suggest, no matter even if it makes American cry.

Cast your vote below for what you think the next print should be!

– Cheers

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