Orange and Blue Become Friends!

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord here with a bit of an update about the next art print.

As you may have seen recently, we asked you to choose your favorite between the 2 images in this post to see which won and that would become the next print (for those charged in April).

But after thinking about it, even though blue sakura won, we decided they’re both great and it would be a shame to upset any people who had been looking forwards to the orange floating castle pic so we’re going to do an impromptu “Double Print Month”.

So for those at $75 charged in April, you will get BOTH prints  🙂
And as a quick reminder, if you’ve never been at $75 before, you can also get a Hysteria Rabbit too for your first time at that level, WOW!

Any questions about this, pop ’em into the comments or simply PM us here on Patreon.

– Cheers

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