“The Universal Trinity” – Final Image

“The Universal Trinity” is the latest amazing illustration from Omri. 

I described some of the meaning behind this image in a previous post. We’ve also referred to this image as “The Muses” – because when I look at this, and I now have a print of it hanging on the wall over my monitors, it helps me think more deeply about the separate but interconnected nature of the “different” characters in our story.

We have Child Alice, Shadow Alice, and Adult Alice. Different aspects of Alice’s personality and psyche – each distinct. Also inseparable.

I study people so that I better understand how to write them. And one thing I’ve noticed is those who deny important aspects of their personalities tend to criticize those traits when detected in other people. For example, a passive person who denies their innate aggressive tendencies, and portrays themselves as “sugar and rainbows,” will be easily triggered by anyone they perceive to be aggressive. But will also use that experience as an opportunity to release their own pent-up aggression – and then blame that release on someone else.

This goes to the universal notion that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only transformed. And that when you deny a type of “energy” in your system, you do not rid yourself of it. You only hide it temporarily and then transform it … oftentimes into something equally negative.

Be yourself.

Which brings me to the topic of Omri – the artist behind “The Universal Trinity” illustration. One of the things that I really like about Omri, aside from his amazing art talents, is his blunt and honest nature. In a world of people who mask their emotions and meanings, it’s refreshing to work with someone who is open and transparent about their feelings and needs. Very happy to have him on our team and bringing his energy to our creative work! He too is an excellent muse!

This week is a LIVE STREAM WEEK. Details on the time/date (the usual) coming soon. 

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