Hatter Explains – Eyes, Hearts, and Brains

Dear Insane Children,

We recently shared the latest Major Update to the Design Bible here and on various social media platforms. The feedback has been 99.9% positive – and no surprise… the latest version looks wonderful!

But I did see a few comments along the line of “so many years and not even a screenshot of the game!” or “too much art and and no demo?!?! SMH!” Well, I don’t want people wearing themselves out with unnecessary head shaking, so I was thinking we could address these comments during our next Live Stream…


We’ll host another live stream over on Twitch and YouTube this week. The usual place and time. Wednesday, April 28th at 7PM for those of you in PDT… 

You can join us via my Twitch or YouTube Channels… 



Hatter Explains

Another person doing some explaining… Hatter! He’s telling Alice all about The Brain, Eyes, and Heart “Hero Pieces” that she needs to collect in order to escape from Wonderland. This beautiful illustration (main image, above) was initially sketched by Norm and then painted/colored by Omri. Amazing work together! 

Let us know in the comments below what you think about all this explaining. 

And be sure to share any questions and feedback you have in the Comments below. We’ll read and discuss those during the live stream. Yay! 

Plushie Dreadfuls

We will also have some new Plushie Dreadful prototypes and designs to share… like this updated version of “Shy”

Awwww. Isn’t she cute? 

And More!

And lots of art, design, and other fun to share… with prizes! 

Like this sketch from Adam depicting some additional memories we’ll explore with Alice. Wow! 

From Shanghai with Explainations,


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