Memories of Insanity

Dear Insane Children, 

More amazing artwork from Adam Narozanski (follow him on Instagram) from the section where Alice is exploring scenes from the past (future?) in the Memory Mines. 

Alex jumped in on this one and suggested the blood splatter around the screws – since that was something we featured in Alice: Madness Returns. 

Seeing scenes like this… I really can’t wait to bring this sort of stuff to life inside a 3D engine. Woo! 

And Omri sends along another Umbra-a-fied variation on a scene from AMA. 

This is a dark twist on the library section that we all remember so fondly. 

Another place I can’t wait to explore in the new game. 

Narrative Update

Alex sent me his variation on the twist/ending for Alice: Asylum a few days ago. I was a bit apprehensive before reading it – uncertain if it would manage to capture all of the ideas and themes I want to deliver with this story. And… 

I was amazed. His vision for how Alice escapes from the Snowglobe Wonderland and confronts Shadow Alice works great! 

That means that the narrative – beginning, middle, and end – is effectively solved. 

We still have some cleanup work to do before we present the complete outline… but we’re getting close! 

From Shanghai with Insanity, 


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