The Final Hours

Dear Insane Children, 

Font lord here with a super last minute reminder that there is still time to change to the $75 tier before June hits because it was pointed out to us that this is actually a crazy good time to do your first ever $75 pledge.

If you are charged in June for the first time at $75 (or above) you will get…

1) The amazing art print you see above called Inferno Battle

2) The Memento Mori Decision Coin Set

3) The Hysteria Rabbit + Tote Bag Set

Wow, right?

A pretty insane month of goodies.


Also quickly, while I’m here, just a heads-up that the Anxiety Rabbit is now on sale at Mysterious too and it’s going gangbusters.
Seems people just cant resist that worrisome face and a torso stuffed full of concerning bunbuns.

– Cheers from an increasingly toasty and warm Shanghai.

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