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Did you know that once a person convinces themselves of a thing, it is nearly impossible to change their mind on that thing… even if you present them with solid evidence to prove their position is wrong? This same mental block can be seen when people cling to toxic relationships, excuse bad habits, and engage in other sorts of self-defeating behavior. It’s one of the great tragedies of human existence that we all possess the means to escape our mental/physical prisons but voluntarily choose to exist in suffering as opposed to changing our situation. 

Then again, positive change is not easy. If it were then none of the suffering and nonsense would exist in the first place!

The state we find Wonderland in after Shadow Alice has taken over is representative of the sort of Negative Change we do find easy. It’s always easier to roll downhill vs. pushing that rock up the hill. And this Umbraland version of Wonderland has definitely gone Down Hill!

Omri is doing great work on rendering what Umbraland looks like – revisiting familiar places from the previous two games and showing us what Shadow Alice’s influence has done to them. 

Can’t wait to go there! 

One problem people often have with self-improvement is the inability to recognize their own self-worth and value. That concept is often contained in the notion of “Imposter Syndrome” – a feeling of doubt surrounding your abilities that leaves you feeling like a fake or a fraud. Or feeling out of place to the point that you worry about being “found out.” 

It’s a powerful emotional state that can cripple our creativity – and actually tends to increase with success and visibility. The more attention you attract (perhaps because your work is good?!) the more you think that attention is undeserved and only a result of random chance. 

Jennifer did a design for a Plushie Dreadful based on this concept – image above. What do you think? Have you ever felt Imposter Syndrome? What do you think about a rabbit design based on this idea? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

Adam continues his work on Alice’s memories – visited by Child Alice in the Memory Mines. 

One of these frames has been selected for further rendering… but which one do YOU like?

Again, let us know in the comments! 

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