Umbra Hatter’s Domain

Dear Insane Children, 

A new image from Omri showing the Umbraland version of Hatter’s Domain! 

The Alice: Asylum pre-production team continues to explore ideas related to what we’re calling “Umbraland” – the result of Shadow Alice taking over Wonderland. Child Alice arrives in this place after years “under glass” – kept in stasis inside Snow Globe Wonderland. The final chapter of the game will pit these two characters against one another to decide the fate of Wonderland…


How do you imagine we might resolve a battle between the Shadow and Child Self? Should the Shadow win? What if the Child wins? What impact would that have on Wonderland? On Alice’s psyche?

And when you think about PTSD and potential outcomes as they related to our internal “selves” – what direction do you think would be preferable? Do you know people who, after suffering through PTSD, allowed the Shadow to consume them? Or perhaps they reverted to their Child selves?

And what if neither side “wins” this fight? (This is the direction we’re going in the writing, BTW).

What’s the best way to communicate this sort of resolution where the Shadow and the Child both win and both lose?

Let me know in the comments below what you think!

From Shanghai with A Shadow Child, 


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