Memory Clots

Dear Insane Children, 

An interesting series of ideas were floated by Omri over on our Monday production board. I thought I would share those with you here… 

Omri says: 

OK i know we already closed this task but i did wanted to add 2 images that can be presented like speedpaints- i think this can be represented or not- do whatever you want. Showing the General structure and a Singular memory Entrance.

1. ?American you said that this place isn’t on Rails and it’s like stockpiles that go up above. and the bottom has “stuff” essentially. so i imagine that according to Victorian times it’s something like this.

There should be machinery or characters or enemies, i don’t know. something that piles the stuff, something that takes the stuff and places it somewhere. it can technically be done Air- without strings. it can Shrink as it goes up… endless possibilities…

He continues: 

But for this art i made it literal.

Bottom has stuff that tie up to the rope and that gets dragged up to the “pile” the top image has greenery as it’s a peek at the top area that is an underground forest- where the robot is.

Then goes on to say… 

2. Memory entrance- we have Stuff on the tree, whatever we decide to represent a memory, an object, a blob, whatever it is / will be. What i imagine now is that alice will enter it- if it’s a box, a doll head, tiny dollhouses, tiny asylum etc.

?IF we will keep the shrinking mechanic, it can work well. of course i believe that specific memories will be presented in a way that is more Clear to be said “go here” but this is the general idea i had. based on joey’s tree version.
?I think if the above is a memory tree we can have smaller trees in the forest as unique locations as well- if it fits the story you guys had in mind.

And provided the beautiful image of the little house under the tree (Main Image Above). 

And then said… 

We have the mines, we have the objects that represent the memories and we have the memories themselves- we don’t have the ENTRANCE to the Memory.

let’s say a memory that wasn’t processes is tied down to the floor OR is bigger and can’t be lifted up to the memory tree to “feed it” so this is a rough example of one of those memories. having a light source is a key for gameplay “go here as this does something”

we can also create “clogged areas” with an oversized object that can’t be lifted up to the tree, making everything else stuck and Alice will need to visit that memory in order to “release” it. once she exists that memory, it will shrink and go up into the air towards the large tree at the end. that way the player will have to enter that memory in order to proceed.

think of it like blood clots.

having “steps” where it’s basically stuff flying around

And I think all of this is really cool. I love the idea of “memory clots” that need to be cleared. And the visual of shrinking to access these memories inside the mines. 

Basically, I love all the things presented here. Excellent!

NOTE for This Week’s Live Stream

There will be a live stream this week but we’re going to host it on our Friday – that’s Thursday in the USA. 

Again, this means the live stream is on THURSDAY at 7PM for those of you in the USA (Pacific Time). 

It’ll be in the usual places – Twitch and YouTube. But join us via Twitch if you want to qualify for the prize giveaways. 

From Shanghai with IT’S HOT OUTSIDE!, 


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