“Alice: Asylum” Narrative Outline V1.0

Dear Insane Children, 

This is it. At last… the Alice: Asylum Narrative Outline is available for you to download, read, and join in helping Crowd Design. Instructions for how to consume and provide feedback are contained within the document. Please read carefully and follow those instructions. It will make the process of Crowd Design smoother for all. 

The PDF itself is linked at the bottom of this post. 

The narrative contained within is still very much a Work In Progress. Some elements (dialog for example) may seem downright clunky. The polishing phase for those things will come next as part of the Crowd Design process. After that, this content will be used to drive the production of the Design Bible. And keep in mind that this content is not an exhaustive collection of everything we imagine will be in the game – but the minimum amount required to convey the main story. Once this document is locked, there will be a need to craft additional dialog, locations, and scenarios in greater detail. 

I want to thank all of our Insane Children for the amazing support they’ve provided throughout this process. And I also extend my love and appreciation to our amazing team of artists – whose illustrations really bring to life the ideas we’ve written here. Last but not least, I’m giving a virtual man hug to Alex – my writing partner on this journey. It’s been fun!

We all look forward to your feedback. And to what comes next! 

From Shengzhou With Butterflies, 


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