Quaking With Joy For Live-streaming

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord here again with an update about the next live-stream… again!

So it seems we have now settled on Monday August 30th 10am HK Time.
That’s Sunday August 29th at 7PM PST.


Sorry for all the altering of that date, there’s lot going on with office visitors and vaccination dates etc…

As usual, there will be fun and games and shennanigans and PRIZES!
But also as you might imagine from the top picture, we’re going to give playing Quake a shot if we can grab it from Steam and get it all working right, and I’m sure American will have some fun ‘working at ID’ stories up his sleeve.
Fingers crossed.

But failing that, there’s always playing Madness Returns as we attempt to break the record for the longest time it takes to complete that while streaming.

We will also BRIEFLY talk about the recent Alice: Asylum Narrative Outline PDF we published here. So be prepared for some spoilers.
However the main discussion about that topic will be in the live-stream mid-September when we have collated and digested all the feedback you have been sending in.

So, I hope to see you then.

– Cheers

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