Completely Taken By Chaos (Live Stream SOON)

Dear Insane Children, 

We will host a LIVE STREAM today at 7PM PDT on my Twitch Channel. That’s less than two hours from when I am writing this post… 

We’ll discuss the image above from Joey. This depicts the inhabitants of London overcome by Chaos Tentacles. These characters appear during a sequence where Young Alice is exploring the journey taken by her older self. And of these characters, Joey says: 

London Characters

I think there are 3 stages of these citizens,

Stage 1:Normal people

Stage 2: People affected by Chaos

Stage 3: People completely eaten/taken down by Chaos(quite crazy mode)

I listed different types of people, I did the design of one figure(man) with 3 stages, just to show how much changes on the same person, I’m also thinking maybe for stage 3, people are totall eaten by chaos, tentacles from the head to the feet, we can see only the legs of a person(maybe I will try that on another figure)

For the other people, I only did them on stage 2, ?this is also how most of the people Alice runs into in the city.

To which Alex replies: 

I think this is fine as a starting point. But I think we need to push this further.

?Regardless of how we all feel, I think this is a great concept to bounce past the patrons.
?The question; Are the designs “horror and chaotic” enough?

My thoughts;
?By only using “tentacles”, this doesn’t speak “consumed by chaos” to me.
?It speaks Davy Jones.

I think the final chaos-formed baddies need a higher level of body horror and warped proportions to be truly terrifying and chaotic.

?See quick example below;

To which I would say… that screams John Carpenter’s “The Thing” to me… but I still love all these ideas!

So join us on the Live Stream in a little while and let’s all talk about it! 

We’ll have PRIZES, tentacles, concept art, narrative overview (light discussion), Plushie Dreadfuls, and more! Woo!

From Shanghai with Consumption, 


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