Who Needs a New Desktop Background?

Dear Insane Children, 

Answer: You do. You need a new Desktop Background!

And Omri’s delivered a final version of “The Funeral” just for you! 

This scene is taken from the Narrative Outline in a section where Alice imagines the scene of her parent’s funeral… an event that she wasn’t allowed to attend. The narrative reads: 

Narrative Excerpt:

?The walls of the Liddell Household dissolve into ash, and reform into the arched heights of a Church Cathedral (modeled on St. Augustine’s, London). Row after row of pews are filled with black-clad mourners. Sounds of crying and wailing fill the air alongside an Organ Dirge. This is the funeral of her family.

We PLAY as Alice floats down the center aisle towards the pulpit – Caterpillar’s mushroom fills the space where the choir would normally sit. Whispers of; “It’s your fault!” “Where were you?” “They say she’s got the devil in her!” rise to a fever pitch as Alice glides towards the caskets at the front of the church.

The caskets burst into flames, and we hear the screams of Lizzie, and Alice’s Parents. The screams and accusations reach a cacophony. The walls, ceilings, and fixtures of the church burst apart like pieces of a puzzle, leaving Alice floating before The Caterpillar on his mushroom.


I could have saved them. I just saved my friend, but I could never save them. Everyone else I love was… lost.


You still have yourself. And, that is more than enough to begin with. Start there, Alice.

The Church flies back together, the air filled with sunbeams, parishioners dressed in white.

At the pulpit, the priest holds a screaming newborn baby in the air, then lowers it into a bath of water. This is a memory of Alice’s christening. She is reborn, as the baby touches the water its screaming stops and the scene goes black.

?<Chapter Ends>

And the resulting image is one of my favorites produced by the pre-production process so far. Such a great mix of London reality, Wonderland, imagination, and dread. Perfect!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

From Shanghai with Accusitory Finger,


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