2022 Calendar Ponderings!

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord here with a simple question.
Transparent or not?

As some of you may know, we are going to do a 2022 Calendar Print, and as you can see from the above image, we’re wondering if the date box at the bottom should be solid as shown on the left, or should you be able to see through it as you can on the right?

Sound off in the comments with what you think is most visually appealing to you.

Also the actual print we will use is not set in stone yet either, so do any of you have a favorite print in mind we could use?
It could be one we already released or maybe a print we did not use yet but you’ve seen posted here on Patreon.
Let us know!

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts and suggestions.

Once we know all the information around the calendar, we will post here again before the end of the month to let you all know the details of how it will be obtainable.

Big hugs from sunny Shanghai.

– Cheers

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