Evolution of an Illustration

Dear Insane Children, 

A quick one this morning. Just sharing these two images to show how our artists go back and forth to sketch out an action sequence and the relevant static illustrations. Norm is really good at this – as you’d expect from someone who works professionally on comics and graphic novels. 

These images are based on some critical scenes in the Narrative Outline where Alice encounters Carpenter and ends up in an epic Boss Battle with him and Walrus. 

C) Closing Scene / Resolution: ?Show the Shadow versions of Carpenter & Walrus drifting into the Void. Alice will mourn them, knowing this Carpenter was someone trying to help her, only to be corrupted and forced to be killed for her own survival. This is all a result of pieces of Alice’s mind being consumed by the Shadow. Communicate the loss of this in the image.


?This encounter takes place immediately after “Slumber Encounter #8 – He Knew”.
Narrative Excerpt below;?

?Narrative Excerpt:

??The scene dissolves back into Wonderland…

Alice returns to The Carpenter to report her success. But it’s too late. The Walrus and The Carpenter are there – both consumed by Chaos and made super-large. What follows is an epic Boss Battle in which Alice must defeat the crafty duo while hopping between the flooded-burning ruins of East London. As the buildings are destroyed, there’s nothing left for anyone to stand on; and the Walrus and Carpenter are left drifting in empty space.

We PLAY as Alice hops and floats back to the Hall of Doors…

In the final image (above) you can see Norm’s added a few details to make clear that Carpenter is falling into the Chaos, being consumed for eternity. 

Hope You’re Avoiding Chaos Today,


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