Covid Breaks the Live Stream

Dear Insane Children, 

Usually, it’s the VPN that gives our Live Streams trouble… but this week it’s Covid! 

You can see in the local Shanghai news that there are several cases in the city – and that one case is directly north of where I live in Fengxian District. Looking at that map… Where you see the red circle for Bailian Nanqiao Shopping Mall… I live about 15 minutes south of there. 

China – unlike almost everywhere else in the world (? maybe aside from New Zealand and parts of Australia ?) still maintains a strict Zero Covid Policy.

What this means is that it’s not a good time for my family to go outside of our xiaoqu (housing compound) – and it is really not a good idea for Martin to travel over here. 

In other news… I got word that the Big Announcement we’ve been waiting on… has been pushed to next week. But it sounds like it’s really going to happen next week so… fingers are crossed for that. And if it does… then we’ll do some sort of mini Live Stream via Zoom. 

That’s it for now… I’ll be back soon with some new art and other fun stuff!

From Shanghai with Zero Tolerance, 


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