The Next Art Print

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord here with a quick reminder of what next month’s print is.

As you can see above, it will be “Burning Birthday” for February Patrons charged in March.
So you now have 7 days to adjust your pledge if needed.

And of course, yes, this will become a choice for the 3x$35 tier Patrons when March rolls around    🙂

In other news, we do not have infinite space to store every art print selection we ever have, so unfortunately, we do remove them from the shop and the 3x$35 selection occasionally to make space for new and shiny prints.

We have now removed Alice & Cheshire and also House of Fire and Fury.
BUT we have taken the last 5 prints of each and created a ‘double print tube’ in the Mysterious store for $70.
We only have 5 tubes, so if this interests you.

– Cheers

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